MANdolinMAN: yes, they play the mandolin

Written on the 8th of October 2014

Today I’ll write about mandolins. The mandolin is one of my favourite instruments. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but it sounds so folksy, and it’s so cool, and end of the story. If someone bought me one for my birthday, I’d learn how to play and become a minstrel. And all the girls would love my songs. Ok, I went too far there.

There’s a reason I’m writing things that don’t make sense at all. Actually, there’s two. First of all, I’m tired, so don’t expect me to write anything interesting. Or logical. Second, there’s no way to find information about the band I want to talk to, and I can’t say too much about them either, so I have to fill this post with gibberish. Thanks, I’m sure you’ll excuse me.

Of course, there are people in this band who plays the mandolin. In fact, we’re talking about the ultimate mandolin band: we’re talking about MANdolinMAN (yes, they write it like that). MANdolinMAN is a mandolin quartet from Belgium, founded in the summer of 2011.

In their first album, Old Tunes, Dusted Town, these guys played traditional Flemish music. The album is specifically a tribute to Hubert Bone, whose son is one of the four members. Andries, as well as Dirk Naessens, play mandolin, while Maarten Decombel plays mandocello and Peter- Jan Daems plays mandola. The quartet used Huber Boone’s notations to play local melodies from the small villages from Flanders.

There’s not much I can say about this, except that the guys can play and the sound is incredibly clean. It’s simple: if you like folk and you like mandolins, give them a chance. If not, well, give them a chance anyway, but don’t hate me. I personally love all the songs here.

Here are links for a couple of songs. UPDATE: I had uploaded the whole album, but a member of the band wrote to me politely asking me to remove most of the tracks. It’s totally understandable, they don’t have a huge fanbase at the moment and if everyone downloaded their CD online, they’d get no money. So I apologize to them and encourage you guys to buy their music if you like it.

SECOND UPDATE: my channel has been deleted, so there is not much MANdolinMAN online… here’s a little preview of what you can get if you listen to their music.

MANdolinMAN recently produced a second album, MANdolinMAN Plays Bossa Nova. I’ve listened to some little parts in Amazon (I think) and it sounded damn fine, but I won’t buy it for now, not too much money around lately.

I guess this is it for today. This is a purely informative post, as I’m sure most of you don’t know this band. Also, I’m moving out in the next few days and I’m terribly busy so, as the next proper post will have to wait, I wanted to write something, a tiny thing, whatever. Hopefully there’s someone out there who enjoys this stuff half as much as I do.


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