Welcome to Costa del Pol

Summer is here and you still don’t have plans? Are the most touristic beach resorts full? Or maybe are you just tired of everyone going to Costa del Sol every year? Worry not, keep calm and go to COSTA DEL POL!

costa del pol

Costa del Pol is located in the north of Poland and is comprised of three towns, each of them more beautiful: Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Yes, you have probably heard stupid stereotypical jokes about Poland being cold, but Costa del Pol has fantastic weather throughout the year. Tourists who have been there haven’t only enjoyed its sunny summers but also its warm and lovely springs.


The number of activities you can do in Costa del Pol is never ending. There are, of course, beaches that seem to be made in heaven, untouched by man and where the sun smiles all day long. Shiny bars serving the best cocktails can be found easily and the sea offers some of the best waves to surf.

If you are in the mood for sightseeing, you will find the best preserved monuments, temples where bloodthirsty gods are worshipped beautiful churches and the infamous Tower of Cthulhu breathtaking structures that scratch the blue sky.

But art is not only about old monuments and churches. Young people are very active in Costa del Pol and you can easily find some of the world’s best known museums and graffiti art.

There is also a place you will never forget, a sanctuary of peace and wonder that has been amongst locals for thousands of years. Nobody knows what kind of magic inhabits the place but it is a proven fact that, if you drop some seeds there, beautiful plants that will stay in your heart forever will grow after just one night. They are the Hanging Gardens of Beerbylon.

The nightlife in Costa del Pol has bloomed in the last few years. You can now easily see big fancy casinos where only the most respectable people are accepted and cultural parties where half-dead people who want to finish the job by drinking themselves to death philosophers full of ideas meet to debate the meaning of life and other crucial questions and the most exquisite food and beverages are served.

You won’t find these delicious products only at parties. Cuisine in Costa del Pol is famous worlwide and their products unmatched. A symphony of flavours will party in your mouth and you won’t want to brush your teeth in a month.

However, tourism is not the only thing that sustains Costa del Pol’s economy. Looming businesses populate the three towns and state of the art research facilities are seen more and more without interfering with the beauty of the place.

And finally, if after all this you still have time for more, don’t hesitate to walk around the picturesque streets of Costa del Pol, where their endless charm and wonderful views will trap your heart.

Don’t hesitate and come to Costa del Pol. A place you will really never forget.



Note: I don´t think this is necessary to clarify. However, just in case, I hope nobody is feeling offended by this. This is obviously a joke; I currently live in Gdansk, I´m very happy here and there are a lot to things to do and see. Peace!


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