I started writing about music in January 2014 as a new form of procrastination. I soon realized that I really liked it. As travelling is also one of my biggest hobbies, two years later I started writing about my trips.

I’m not sure about how I should do this so I just write pretty much the first thing that comes to mind and stick to that, so I hope that, for better or worse, this is not just another blog. When it comes to music, I try to write about not so well known bands often enough. When it comes to travelling, I do my best to talk about relatively unlikely destinations or my experiences in Poland. I’d be surprised if I ever write about a weekend in Paris, for example (no disrespect to Paris indended).

There’s one thing I’d like to make clear when it comes to my trips. I’m not pretending to be an expert on anything or to know whatever country’s culture very well. When I’m talking about my personal experiences they’re just that, personal experiences. It doesn’t mean it will happen to everyone that goes there and I’m not trying to say this country is always this or that way.

I may explore other topics in the future. It basically depends on what I feel like doing, nothing else. Hopefully you’ll find my posts more entertaining than my bio!